In-house labs and testing
facilities for precision check

At IM Gears we strongly believe in complete stewardship of our products. This means we have a highly critical and needlepoint attitude to precision that ensures near-zero variance. Our precision and testing labs enable us to check not just for dimensional and design accuracy, but also metallurgical composition, material strength and a myriad other factors. We ensure that our clients can place their utmost faith in us to deliver only the highest quality.

For any part that leaves our production line...

We guarantee quality.

Our testing and quality control facilities

Metallurgy & Metrology Laboratories

A dedicated metallurgy lab helps ensure that all our products conform to the most rigid of specifications. Surface, internal and microstructural flaws can be detected and eliminated from our products so that they can enter your production line, fully quality compliant. Several state-of-the-art measurement and calibration facilities are available on site for this purpose. We have a complete metallurgical lab with Spectrometer, Image analyzer, Ultrasonic testers, Eddy current tester, Micro hardness tester, Metallurgical microscope and Magnaflux equipment for comprehensive raw material testing and analysis.

A hyper-accurate metrology lab ensures extreme precision, which means we can produce the highest quality products with the lowest wastage and error rates. IM Gears has a full fledged metrology setup to calibrate all gauges and fixtures. We have specialized equipment such as a Co-ordinate measuring machine, Optic Contour measuring machine, Dial Calibration tester, Gear / Lead / Profile tester, Gear Roll tester, Cylindricity & Roundness tester, Roughness & Form tester and others.

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